Collection: MARIEMUR

Marie Mur, an eminent name in luxury accessories, brings an exceptional fusion of tender lace and high-quality leather to our collection at BemyGirl Boutique. The brand's daring and unique designs manifest the celebration of individuality, advocating the importance of self-love and self-care.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Marie Mur's creations aren't just about looks, they are about feeling more like yourself. Each accessory is a bold statement, designed to fit your identity and inspire you to celebrate your unique self. Don't be shy to add daring notes to your outfit or spice up your days with bold looks. Each Marie Mur piece serves as a medium to express your individuality and elevate your style.

A Joyful Journey: A Guide to Intimate Positions

Marie Mur has transcended the conventional with the release of its online book, "A Joyful Journey: A Guide to Intimate Positions." This unique venture elegantly merges sex and fashion into a form of artistic expression. With 17 exclusive poses, the guide emphasizes the brand's meticulously designed leather accessories to empower sexuality and enhance connection.

Elevate Your Sex Appeal with MarieMur's Poses

From leather harnesses to garters, "POSES" is crafted to fuel your journey of self-discovery and sexual pleasure. The guide allows you to indulge in and elevate familiar poses or explore new threesome and group sex positions with Marie Mur's signature tips.

Each position comes with a how-to, suggestions for compatible sex accessories to elevate seduction, and exclusive tips from Marie Mur. Experience the allure of Marie Mur's innovative approach to intimate luxury and self-expression, exclusively available at BemyGirl Boutique.

Discover the world of Marie Mur, where each day is an opportunity to make you feel special and every party becomes more fun.